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Kitoko from A.S.P The new sulphate free Kitoko range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments is also now in salon use and for purchase. Incredible rejuvenating and restorative qualities ensuring fantastically healthy, beautiful hair. Receive a diagnosis for the right products for your hair type and needs.These products are sulphate-free, paraben free, and contain no waxes or mineral oils, making them as kind as possible to your hair and skin.

Colouring And Styling

To have successful colouring and styling you need to use products with confidence. The experienced hair stylist in Brampton will advise the best use of Affinage hair products.

Indigo is a line of salon professional Affinage hair products which can also be used at home as recommended by your hair Sylist in Brampton. Whether you need texture, shine, volume, root lift, straightening or heat protection - Affinage delivers!

Choose from Indigo Affinage hair products with strong (3), medium (2) or gentle (1) hold factor or our range of protect and shine products without hold factor (0). Alternatively, create your own 'cocktail' of products to suit your specific needs.

Ask your hair stylist in Brampton to advise you on the very best combination of Affinage styling products for your hair.

Colouring And Styling With Infiniti Affinage Hair Products

The world's most advanced permanent hair colour creme with DATEM™ Technology.

Unrivalled Technology...

INFINITI Permanent Hair Colour Créme penetrates deeper and faster into the hairshaft. The pH level steadily decreases throughout the colour process which, combined with our unique DATEM™ Technology, locks in the colour molecule to give intense, long lasting results and 100% grey coverage.

INFINITI is kind...

INFINITI's low ammonia content and emulsion creme base reduce the risk of sensitivity, whilst the incredible lift action allows much lower volumes of developer. INFINITI's gentle formulation with UV filters and protectors ensures that the hair is left in beautiful condition, producing clean blondes, vibrant reds, or soft natural tones.

Colour Correction

The Hair Stylist in Brampton has different ways of using Affinage Hair products to correct your hair. Some days we all wish our hair had a reset button. Let's face it, hair colour need not last forever, and with Affinage hair products such as Eraser, they don't have to.

Affinage Eraser is a revolution in colour removal systems, saving you time, saving your image, and most importantly saving your hair.

A simple, effective, and safe colour removal system, Affinage Eraser specifically targets individual artificial hair colour molecules, breaking them down and removing them from the hair shaft.

With an easy to use crème consistency, Affinage Eraser is as easy to apply as it is to remove, and with 100% removal of broken down colour molecules you can rest assured that when you re-colour the results will be everything you hoped for.

Unlike other colour removal systems the low pH level of Affinage Eraser conditions your hair, leaving it in better condition than when you started, and ready for a fresh application of colour immediately.

Affinage hair product Eraser is a unique and superior system for removal of unwanted or incorrect hair colour, and with it's quick, easy, and safe application:-- Gives you the power to create tomorrows look today.

Colouring And Styling

B-blonde, B-Red or any other colour combination inbetween. With cap, foils or all full cover, for quality colouring and styling come to the hair stylist in Brampton and enjoy good results.


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